Dr. Dimpal Thakuria
Designation: Scientist (Biochemistry, Animal Science)
Email ID: drdimpal@dcfr.res.in,
Qualifications: M.V.Sc. (Animal Biotechnology)
Area of Interest:
Molecular virology
Research Articles:
Dimpal Thakuria, Anant Rai, Ashwin Ashok Raut, Sudarshan Kumar, Ankur Saxena. Cloning of chicken anemia virusVP3 gene in a mammalian expression vector and analysis of its apoptotic activity (2009).Biotechnology International. Vol.1,No.4:154-179
Hemen Das,  Shahaj Uddin Ahmed, Dimpal Thakuria, M.M. Pathan, A. Latif, S.K. Roy and T. K. More (2009). Lingual antimicrobial peptides expresses in Buffalo mammary gland. Animal Biotechnology. 20: 75-79.
D Thakuria, Anand Kr B S, RS Haldar, Amit Pande. Viral Diseases of Cold Water Aquaculture: Indian Scenario. VIROCON 2011(Annual Conference of Indian Virological Society).