Dr. Shahnawaz Ali
Dr. Shahnawaz Ali
Designation: Scientist (Aquaculture)
Email ID: alicife@gmail.com;
Qualification: M.F.Sc,  Ph.D.
Area of Interest:
Coldwater fish breeding and culture, Molecular characterization of coldwater species, Physiological adaptation of coldwater species
Present Research Programs:
Sr. No. Projects Funding Agency Duration
1. Genome scale mining of phylogenetic markers of Schizothorax richardsonii fish species for formulation of selective breeding programme Department of  Science & Technology, Government of India (PI) 3 Years
2. Bio-prospecting of gene & allele mining for abiotic stress tolerance NAIP, ICAR
3 Years
3. Development of Database and Evaluation of Culture and Breeding Status of Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in India Institutional
3 Years
4. Development of molecular markers for identification of usable traits in important coldwater fishes Institutional
3 Years
5. Performance of Indigenous minor carps  Labeo dyocheilus and Labeo dero as candidate species for hill aquaculture Institutional
4 years
6. Fish Genetic Stock- An Outreach Activity Fisheries Division, ICAR
4 Years
Recent Publication:
Sivaraman, G.K., Barat, A., Ali. S., Pandey, N.N., Joshi, K.D. and Mahanta, P.C. 2010. An analysis of genetic diversity among Indian coldwater fishes (Pisces: Cyprinidiae) using RAPD markers. The IUP Journal of Genetics & Evolution, 3(2): 31-40.
Sivaraman, G.K., Barat, A., Ali, S., N. N. Pandey, Joshi, K.D. and Mahanta, P.C. 2010. Phylogenetic analysis of coldwater fish species (Cyprinids) of India using targeted mtDNA and RAPD-PCR markers. The IUP Journal of Genetics & Evolution. 3(4): 42-49.
Sivaraman, G.K., Barat, A., Ali, S. and Mahanta, P.C. 2011. Prediction of fish growth rate and food availability in the Himalayan waterbodies by estimation of RNA/DNA ratios. The IUP Journal of Genetics & Evolution. 4(3): 15-19.
Kumar, P., Saxena, K.K., Singh, N.O., Nayak, A.K, Tyagi, B.C., Ali, S., Pandey, N.N and Mahanta, P.C. 2011. Application of multivariate statistical techniques for water quality characterization of Sarda Sagar Reservoir, India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 58(4):21-26.
Barat, A., Goel, C., Tyagi, A., Ali, S., Sahoo, P. K. and Patiyal, R. S. 2011. Molecular Cloning and Expression Profile of Schizo GPDH gene in response to abiotic stress. Molecular Biology Reports. (Under Review).
Goel, C., Barat, A., Pande, V., Ali, S. and Kumar, R. 2011. Length- weight Relationship of Snow trout (Schizothorax richardsonii ) based on linear and non-linear models from Hill stream of Uttarakhand, India. World Journal of fish and marine Sciences. 3(6): 485-488